Sunday, March 19, 2017

Road Running and Snow Fun

This week has been a bit of a rough one for me. I've been feeling dreary and combine that with the 15" of snow fell on Tuesday, and my motivation simply just disappeared for a few days, leaving me with no running Monday through Thursday. I contemplated just bagging the whole week, I was feeling so down, but in truth that's not really my style, so I decided I had better turn it around for the last three days of the week and get out and move those legs!

Friday was a day off from school for Sam, and with Ryan around, I had a bit of leeway in the morning, which meant I could get up, eat breakfast, do my strength work/stretches and still get out for a run before having to head to Sam's haircut. As there's been no snowmobile traffic near us, I stuck to the roads and got in 6 miles on the Highland Green loop via the new path. It was cold but windless and sunny, and although my legs felt pretty darn creaky from 4 days off, it was good to get out. Happy to have broken the dreariness trap. Sam and I had a good morning, getting her hair cut and picking up some new sneakers for her, enjoying lunch out, and of course, making a stop at Staples so she could pick up some organizational items to get all her play school papers organized. Yes, seriously, it was her idea :) And then when we got home, we got out for some sledding fun! Can't let all this snow go to waste without enjoying it at least a little bit!

Saturday morning, I got out for another run around Highland Green, 2nd verse, same as the first, except in reverse. Another cold, crisp, sunny morning although interestingly a bit icier this morning. Perhaps due to melting yesterday? Once I got home, Ryan took off to run to Bath and Sam and I got ready for her swim lesson. We met up for a delicious brunch at Starlight Cafe and then journeyed over to Thorne Head for a snowshoe hike. Such an incredibly gorgeous afternoon for a hike! Temps had climbed into the mid-30s, there was no  wind, the sun was shining, and we made a lovely loop through the woods and along the Whiskeag River. The main trail was packed but the remainder of the way had only been traveled by skiers. A bit of work but worth it! There may have been a few snowballs thrown and a bit of whining throw in too, but overall, a good 1.4 mile/1 hour out in the woods with my loves.

This morning, it was roads once again. Not convinced there has been enough traffic out in the Cathance or on the snowmobile trails for even partially decent running, so in order to get in the miles I was hoping for without too much postholing and frustration, I headed out to run the River/Meadow Cross/Meadow loop. It's a decent loop and early on a Sunday morning, there wasn't a ton of traffic which always makes road running better! The roads were clear of ice and snow, it was warmer than the past few mornings and although it was a bit breezy on the cross roads, I felt decent and was able to just sort of turn off my brain and go. A solid 11 miles for the morning.

After lunch, we met up with Nate, Shannon and their girls for a xc ski out along the Mere Creek golf course. It was bright and sunny, and the snow was in good shape for our waxless skis. Sam did a great job and skiied right along. We even managed to make it to the end of the trail, which dead-ended at a viewpoint of Harpswell Cove. Very nice. A great 1 hour/2 mile ski, and a good way to finish up a fun long weekend!

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