Friday, March 10, 2017

Not Quite Spring

March is a fickle month. You never know what you are going to get!

Monday was a planned day off. Tuesday, I just never got up and out the door. Wednesday, I got out in the rain and mist and ran the 5 mile Highland Green loop. The powerlines were icy and the back dirt road was like a wet ice flow. Made things a bit tricky!

Thursday I decided I wanted to get out on the trails so I carried my microspikes across the road and hit the Cathance trails. After the rain on Wednesday and cooler temps overnight, things were a bit sketchy out there - it's that time of year when the trails are an icy, hoar-frosty, messy mess with stretches of bare ground thrown in too, just to tempt you ;) But the sun was shining and the river was roaring, so I'll take it :) 6.5 miles for the morning.

This morning I got out for another run along the Cathance. A bit of a raw, overcast morning with trails still incredibly icy, hoar-frosty and uneven, but, I saw ice pancakes! :) Also took a lovely fall when I took one step on ice without my spikes. Ouch! Still, a good 8 miles for the morning.

In other news, I've decided not to run Runamuck next month. Really, I had only signed up because Ryan was going to be going and I thought it would be a fun course and a good motivator to have a race on the schedule. But the reality is that I came off of the Fells with a leg that needed a fair amount of work - several Dr. Jamie visits and two massages with Julia so far - to loosen up, which means I haven't been able to put in a lot of miles the past few months and only now am I starting to feel decent. What I really want is to be healthy and happy going into the summer and fall, and doing a 50k on legs that are just coming around is not the way to have that happen and probably just means re-injurying myself. I was trying to force it, and that just wasn't a good/smart idea. I'm not saying there wasn't some teeth gnashing and a few tears in discussion about it with Ryan this morning, but I must admit I also felt a huge release of tension and a big sigh of relief when I finally said out loud that Runamuck was getting crossed off the schedule. So, since this is really Ryan's show, he can go run with the guys and I'll keep building up the miles and gaining strength and getting ready to have a great summer and fall of running :)

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Anonymous said...

Probably a very smart decision, but it's always tough to admit you'd be better off not racing :( A lesson I wish I'd learned before Promiseland 50K last year. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be smarter next time.