Sunday, March 5, 2017


Well now, this is getting a bit silly! ;) More weather antics and this time of the cold and windy variety!

7 degrees with feel like -7 degree temps Saturday morning at 6:00 am. Thankfully the wind had not yet picked up or it would have been a whole lot chillier. Four layers up top and two on the bottom and I stayed warm enough. Wore my Hillsounds and ran the Lovers Lane snowmobile trail loop. Mostly ice with much cracking and popping beneath my feet. Otherwise, solid snow and/or bare ground. Had a Barred Owl fly over me on the back of the loop. He stopped and roosted on a branch overlooking the trail and looked at me for a bit before flying on. My phone was all bundled up so I didn't get a photo but it was a great sighting!! 7 miles for the morning and done a bit after 7:00.

Even colder and windier this morning so I chose to sleep instead, although our crazy felines didn't really let me sleep much after I turned my alarm off. Oh well... but at least I had the chance to relax and get in an extra cup of coffee before Sam came downstairs ;) Today was the last snowshoe race of the series, so Ryan headed out early, as usual, and Sam headed to a friend's house for a playdate a bit later while I headed over to park feeling like the stay-puff marshmallow man with all my layers on to stay warm ;) Luckily, the sun was warm and we were relatively shielded in the woods, but I was thankful for all my layers and the 3 toe warmers I had in each boot! Conditions were solid, to say the least, so it was a fast race and a good one to wrap up the season with. I headed out quickly after the awards to pick up Sam and then a bit later once Ryan got home I went out for my own run.

I was a bit tired from standing outside in the cold for 4 hours and full from lunch, and wanted to stay out of the wind as much as I could, so I decided I'd head out into the Cathance for a mellow 6 miles. I managed to run the first (and last) 1 3/4 miles without donning my Hillsounds; it was either bare ground, I could skirt the edges of the ice or I could run atop the bulletproof and surprisingly tacky snow. Once I hit the edge of the Heath Trail, I put on the spikes and was glad I had brought them with me, for sure, as the vast majority of the Cathance trails proper ended up being mostly solid ice. Still, the river was roaring and I was treated to a small but nice display of ice pancakes too! :) Glad I got myself (with Ryan's extra push) out the door!

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