Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cold and Chilly Weekend Fun

Low temps and howling wind all weekend long made for some cold running, that's for sure! Yesterday morning it was 3 degrees when I went out a little after 9:00 am with a feels like minus 16 temp. Brrr! I decided to run down to the river and back in the hopes of avoiding the wind at least partially. It worked, except for the areas that were windy ;) Ha. A cold, blustery, uneven, icy 5 miles for the morning.

Later in the day we headed up to Keri and Tyler's to spend the evening. The girls had a great time playing together, Keri and Tyler cooked up some delicious pizza, we had cake and cupcakes in celebration of Tyler's birthday, and a good time was had by all. We all went to bed later than we should have, and with daylight savings, and the fact that the monitor heater started beeping at 5:30 am thinking it needed service, we probably didn't get quite as much sleep as would have been ideal. But no matter, this morning we were off to Hidden Valley for the 2nd annual Bad Idea Fat Ass bright and early anyway :) Once again, it was in the single digits with feel like temps reading much colder than that due to the wind, but the sun was shining brightly and about 20 hardy souls joined in on the fun and got in some miles on the uneven, hoar-frosty, icy trails. The loop was about 3.7 miles and I was happy to get in 10.2 miles for the day, enjoying some time out on the trails with Val, Tyler, Keri, John and Emily all at different times as I ran along. Thankfully, the fire was roaring inside the barn and there was warm soup and lots of snacks for after the run. Beer too, of course, but I was too cold for that! The girls kept themselves entertained all morning with coloring, snacking and some ice running and sliding, which only resulted in a few bonked heads and knees ;0 so we'll call it good! It was a great way to spend a cold Sunday!

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