Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Running

I never made it out before Ryan headed over to Brad on Saturday morning, so I was relegated to an afternoon run. I really do prefer to run in the morning, but sometimes it is nice not to have to get up before the crack of dawn :) Headed out around 1:30 across the street. I wore my screwshoes and decided I'd try to make it down to the river. Success but it was a bit of an icy, slippery, uneven run. There were some stretches clear of any snow and ice at all, others with some nice hardpacked but slick snow and otherwise just a lot of hard ice. I would have had better traction with my Hillsounds but they would have been overkill on parts. Despite the sketchiness, it was still nice to be out and the river was roaring. Got in 5.2 for the afternoon.

Sunday morning, I met up with Amy over at Runaround Pond for a run on the snowmobile trails out that way. It was fun to explore a new area, and great to catch up with her. It was chilly - 9 degrees to start - so the trees along the open streams and swampy areas were all frosted and iced over, but the sun was bright and there was no wind as we wound our way through fields and forests. Really pretty, and quiet, out there, and pretty decent conditions, considering. Nice solid snowmobile trails with a few dicey icy spots. A good 7 miles for the morning, followed up by coffee and a cookie :)

At this point, I am feeling much more like myself, although my legs are not quite back to 100%, but it is nice to feel happy while out running and not have it be a painful endeavor. Got in 28 miles for the week - not a whole lot of miles, but it's a start ;) Onward by all means!

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Anonymous said...

Good job getting out in single's tough and admirable!