Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year Fun

Couldn't start the new year off with a zero in the planner, so yesterday at lunchtime, Ryan and I headed over to Bradley Palmer (or the other Brad as I like to call it) for a run on the GAC Fat Ass loop. We were surprised to find even less snow at the park than at his parent's house, but this did not mean smooth sailing. In fact, the loop was a mixed bag on conditions ranging from bare and dry to slushy to muddy to hard packed solid thick ice to ice covered with water. Oh yah! ;) Nothing like early winter trail conditions to keep things interesting! This led to a rather slow go around the 6 mile loop but it was warm and sunny and nice to get out for a run with Ryan! Unfortunately though, I slipped on the ice at one point and my left piriformis is now seeming out of whack. WTF? I am a mess ;) Really looking forward to a Dr. Jamie visit this Friday. Wish I could have gone in sooner. I definitely need it, and I hope he can sort me out!!

Despite my legs feeling a bit wonky, this morning I got up and did my leg and arm strength routine and then headed out onto the powerlines with my screwshoes. The snowmobile club had been out with their roller on the trail, but there hadn't been any machines on it until Tedford Road, so there was a bit of icy loose snow to crunch through. Turned around at Rt. 24 and got in a rather meh 4 miles.

But we made up for the so-so run later this afternoon with a great snowshoe out in the Cathance to wrap up our vacation. It was gorgeous out and Sam led us off trail following some deer tracks to make a nice wander through the woods! :) Lots of fun!

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