Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Cold Sunday

An inch+ of snow fell last night, ushering in a cold front that left it 7 degrees at 9:00 am with a feels like temp of -3! It's been an odd winter so far with these cycles of snow then ice cold followed by rain and temps in the 40s. Apparently we are in the arctic cold period at the moment...

So I bundled up to the hilt and headed out into the sunlight. Bright and warm, it shone on the snow so that it sparkled like little sequins. I decided the trails would be too iffy with an inch of fresh snow atop all the ice out there, so I ran Highland Green Road instead via the Connector and back on the new bike path. It was all metzah-metzah. The shoulders of the Connector and Rt 201 were slushy, HG Road was slicked down snow, and the back road and bike path had a layer of snow atop ice. Ah, winter running. Still, I stayed toasty warm all bundled up and despite not being a great run, it was good to get out. Legs feeling better but tightness remains. Got in six miles for the morning.

Later in the afternoon, we took Sam to see Sing (which she has already seen with mom and dad over Xmas vacation but really wanted to see again with us) and it was incredibly adorable! I really enjoyed it. They did a great job with the storyline and the songs. A good way to finish up the weekend!

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