Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Early Morning, Late Afternoon

From 3 degrees yesterday morning at 6:20 am to 45 degrees this afternoon at 3:45 pm, Maine never ceases to amaze.

Bundled up and out into the darkness yesterday. Donned my Hillsounds at the start of the powerlines across the street and went up and over Mt. A., along the groomed backside and hole #3, across the street to the Heath and then down to the river and back. While along the Heath, the sun was rising through the pine trees. Glorious. Down at the river, I stopped to take a photo of the mist rising over the slushy roaring river, but alas, my phone had frozen! Guess it was cold out! ;0 Regardless, a lovely, cold, calm, quiet morning for 5.3 miles out in the woods.

And while this wild fluctuation in temperature is cause for consternation for sure, I will also readily admit that I enjoyed a warm spring-like road run this afternoon! I simply couldn't resist skipping out of work a little early to enjoy the sun and warmth, especially after skipping this morning's run due to the heavy rain and wind that we had overnight. So much better this afternoon! I parked out along Pennelville Road and enjoyed the quiet roads through the fields down to the river. I was surprised to hear and see three bluebirds twitting about on the telephone lines along the main field! Crazy bluebirds - what are you doing still in Maine?! But a treat to see for sure!

The late afternoon light was lovely down at Simpson's Point, with small ice flows out in the bay, stranded at low tide. and the setting sun shimmering along the horizon. I felt so lucky to be out there enjoying it, and even better to feel good while running! My right leg tightness seems to have subsided (and will hopefully stay that way!) and the left piriformis is still tight but doesn't seem to be inhibiting my running after a short bit of warm up. Hopefully I can get back to 100% normalcy shortly but at least I feel like I am on my way at this point! A really nice late afternoon 5 miles.

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