Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekend Running and Hiking

Ryan went over to Lost Valley for one of the Baxter Outdoors races on Saturday, while Sam and I went to swimming, enjoyed donuts at Frosty's with Kristen, Anne and Thistle, and checked out the new candy shop downtown. Sam came home with some interesting gummy candies, including chicken feet! :0 Later in the afternoon, once Ryan was home, I headed out for a run down to the river and back. I wore screwshoes and had plenty of traction. My lower right leg didn't miraculously feel better after my Friday appointment with Dr. Jamie, but it was a nice afternoon screwshoe run!

This morning, I donned my road shoes and headed out on Highland Green Road. It was windy and I didn't want to risk the back dirt road, which was looking pretty icy, so I just did an out and back. Tried to keep the pace up-tempo, managing to keep in the mid 8:00s for the first 4 miles, but took the powerlines back, which were a bit icy, so that final mile was a bit slow, but overall a good run.

After lunch, we put my old YakTraxs on Sam's boots and we headed over to the Cathance. It was sunny and in the high 30s. Still windy but once we got down in the woods, we stayed plenty warm. Sam did great with the YakTrax and even did some trail running along the way:) The trails were nice and packed, if icy and bare in some spots, and we had a great time hiking the outer perimeter trails for a good 2.5 mile hike. There were lots of tracks to look at along the way, the river was roaring and we found a small patch of ice pancakes!! Yah!

A fun afternoon hiking in the woods with my two loves :)

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