Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Running

We've been down in MA this weekend hanging out with Ryan's family. There has been a lot going on, but despite the sadness of Phyllis's passing, we have still had a lot of fun together.

 Sam has been in seventh heaven being a big cousin to little Gavin. He is such a cutie!

The Easter Bunny visited, leaving some eggs for Sam to find, and a basket full of goodies, including a bubble maker!

We got out to the playground this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and get a little exercise.

Between all the activity yesterday, Ryan and I both managed to get over to Bradley Palmer, just not together. I took the late shift, starting my run around 3:30 pm. It was warm and sunny, and there were a lot of people out enjoying the park. I ran a loop of the GAC Fat Ass course until the road, then retraced my steps to get in 10 miles The woods are still mostly brown, but there are hints of green at the edge of the swampy areas; the skunk cabbage are poking up through the mud, brightening up the forest floor. Didn't feel the most energetic, but it's always nice to run at the other Brad.

This morning, I headed out onto the roads for 8 miles. I kept the pace mellow and just enjoyed being out. This coming week will be pretty light, running-wise, and then we'll be back here next weekend for the Spring Classic!

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