Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Commons Run

Got out this afternoon for the first run post-TARC. I was surprised at how un-creaky and decent I felt. I'm not sure if this is a sign that I should have been running faster on Saturday (likely) or if it means my body has simply adapted to this silly ultra stuff. I'd love for it to be a sign of the latter, but somehow I am sure that the former is at least part of it ;) Either way, I was glad to get in a pain-free, creak-free, decent paced five miles out in the Commons. The trails have dried out completely, but the woods are still pretty much lacking in signs of spring. Came across a number of Mourning Cloak butterflies, noted some skunk cabbage and some small shoots of green in the wet areas, and saw the first wildflowers of the season - yellow Colt's Foot - brightening up the trail edges in a few sunny spots, but that was it. It seems like spring is taking its time bringing things to life this year, but I know it will come!

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