Sunday, November 4, 2018

And That's A Wrap!

Last long run of the training cycle before JFK this morning. A bright, cool and blustery morning and oh so lovely to be out in the sunshine! Ran the cart paths x2 combined with a short trip down to the river to check out how it was flowing after all our rain this week - roaring! - for the first half of the run and then did an out and back on the bike paths to finish up the miles. Didn't feel super duper but it was decent run and happy to get it done. And now let the taper crazies and travel tantrums begin 😂(20.0 miles)

These two deer and I stared at each other for quite some time before 
I walked off slowly to continue my run


After lunch while Ryan was getting in his run, Sam and I headed over to the Cathance for a short hike to enjoy the roaring river. I had only done a short loop down along the water's edge, so it was fun to explore further along the river. So much water! There was a lot of water on the trails, and some flooding along the banks as well. We marveled at it all, Sam had fun jumping off rocks and we had some great discussions about the big bang theory, Zeus, mushrooms and of course, how much further we had to hike and if she looked cuter in her cat ears headband or my orange hat 😍😆 As always, it is great to get out in the woods with this kiddo! (1.6 miles walked)


The roaring river

More jumping!

Flooded trail

Hmmm, maybe not quite so effective a bog bridge today 😏


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