Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring in NC

Busy day of travel and vacation fun yesterday. We were up well before the crack of dawn, but as usual Sam is a great traveler and it is always well worth it once we arrive in Raleigh! Yay vacation!

Morning view

Happy traveler

Great travel book, and so excited to see our friends, John and others, name's in print!

We arrived to find spring had sprung, and although it only in the 50s, it felt warm to us! As is our tradition, we stopped at Pullen Park for a picnic and some playtime. Such a fun spot!



Just so lovely after a winter of white!

Taking a train ride

Carousel ride

Fun on the playground equipment

Getting so big!

Despite getting up at 4:00 am, Sam still wanted to go to the pool when we arrived at Mom and Dad's house, so while they took the golf cart up there and Ryan and I got is short run to shake out our legs after a morning of travel. Both of us felt really creaky in the first mile, but thankfully the legs loosened up along the way. It was a really pleasant afternoon, and we enjoyed running along the berm. Saw a muskrat, three cormorants, a great egret, one great blue heron, lots of turtles and a few really big carp. (4.1 miles)

We arrived at the pool just in time to see Sam racing outside and jumping into the outdoor pool, which was by no means warm! Silly Maine kid ;) She only managed a few jumps with much laughter and yelps before she went back inside to swim in the indoor pool, but I have to give her credit!

Brrr! That water is cold!

But I still am going to jump in!

Maine kid in NC - has the whole pool to herself ;)




Brrr! Gotta get out :) ha ha!

We had a nice dinner at home and were all in bed and asleep by 8:30 pm. A good start to vacation!

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