Monday, April 9, 2018

Rounding Out the Week

In keeping with this week's lack of early morning running, I did not get up early enough to get in my run on Sunday morning before Ryan headed down to Blackstrap for Mike's Blackstrap Barkley run. So I headed out a little after 3:00 pm once he'd returned home from what sounded like a fun, briar- and mud-ridden run through the forest, collecting book pages. Ah, us wacky runners ;)

I headed up and over Mt. A. with the thought of running the cart paths, but there were enough cars in the parking lot to give me pause. Could people be out playing golf already? It was not that warm out. And it was windy! But who knows? So, instead I ran up Highland Green Road to the ecology center lot, where I did a lollypop down to the river and back before continuing on the road loop. Added a bit extra around the high school to even things out and get the mileage to 50 for the week. (7.0 miles)

No running photos to share, but just for giggles, here's the projected temps for tomorrow morning, ie my last run at home before vacation...

... and here is the projected temps for Saturday for our 6 hour race near Raleigh. Nothing like a 50 degree swing in temps to keep things interesting! 😂😂

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