Friday, April 6, 2018

Midweek Blahs

For some reason, I've had a really tough time with early mornings this week. Work has been busy, I've been feeling a bit stressed and tired, and as a result, I only managed one early morning run this week. Sometimes the extra sleep just seems more important!

Tuesday morning I did get up and out in the darkness for a run. I decided to run the cart paths and Heath and was pleasantly surprised to find the cart paths about 90% clear and the Heath in decent condition with only about 30% snow/ice cover. What snow there was was tacky enough that no extra traction was needed on a rather crisp morning. Saw one deer, two mallards and a lovely glow from the sun rising as I was coming back along the powerlines. (7.0 miles)

Wednesday, I managed to stop my alarm and go back to sleep for an 1 1/2 instead of getting up to run. Oops. But it was cold and rainy and dark, and I really didn't want to anyway 😁 But I did want another solid week, so instead I left work a little early and came home and went out for a run in the rain and the cold, but at least it wasn't dark 😆 Not much more to say about that. (6.0 miles)

Thursday morning was another repeat of Wednesday but with no weather excuse so I just chalked it up to my body needing a day off. Which takes us to this morning when I was originally planning to get up early and out to run 20+ road miles before my massage with Lauren at 11:30 (I know, rough life!). But then I got to thinking, why am I rushing out to get this done and feeling stressed about getting back on time. I can run my long run Saturday morning when we have nothing other than some house chores on the schedule, and run shorter today. So I slept in a bit later and that is what I did 😉 Seriously, this is what Ryan means by uncoachable... 😂😂

I headed out around 7:45 am across the street. It was cold and windy (I see a theme here...winter just does not want to give up!) but sunny at least! I ran the cart paths and then headed onto the Heath between holes 5 & 6. The Heath has melted even more since earlier this week but there was a fair amount of water covered with a thin sheath of ice from the rain on Wednesday that made things interesting. I headed across the street down to the river where I found the trail along the river's edge basically a solid sheet of glare ice. Definitely a no go. I did get to see some lovely ice pancakes before I turned around though! So pretty and a surprise, since I wasn't expecting to see any more this season!

The remainder of the run was on the cart paths, a bit of powerlines (sketchy!) and roads to round things out. Felt good with my choice to swap my runs around and get out into the sunshine this morning! (10.0 miles)

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