Monday, July 9, 2018

Good To Be Home

Always lovely to have a vacation, but it's always nice to be back home!

Got up and out early yesterday morning for a run out in the Cathance. It was perfect running weather - only 54 degrees, nice and cool and sunny. Ahhhh! Felt so nice! Saw three deer, enjoyed a few trailside raspberries and blueberries and enjoyed the quiet trails. (7.0 miles)

Sun rising over the Heath

Rose pogonias in the Heath

Rose Pogonia

First trailside raspberries of the season!

We spent the rest of the morning over at Bradbury for the first dirt race of the season. Sam was not a happy camper when I got her out of bed but she had a lot of fun running around, playing and helping at the finish line with Elise :) I manned the food table at the finish line and enjoyed having the chance to catch up with friends and runners as I cut up oranges ;) The Scuffle is such a nice race as it's short and ends early enough that we were able to head into Brunswick to enjoy a sushi and gelato lunch and then be home to relax for the afternoon! A good Sunday home!

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