Thursday, July 12, 2018

Early Mornings & Camp Fun

Tuesday morning I headed out on the powerlines in the hopes that I'd find some wood lilies blooming further down the lines in the open fields. It was a beautiful morning, with mist rising, the sweet smell of hay-scented ferns and milkweed in the air and birds calling. Raspberries are ripening and blueberries too. The field was dotted with a dozen+ orange and red wood lilies, set brilliantly against the greenery. So pretty. Mornings like this just make me happy. (6.5 miles)

Yesterday, I ran out into the Cathance, doing my regular loop in the opposite direction. Always interesting to see what you notice when you run a trail you know well but in a different way! Pretty morning. Enjoyed a subdued sunrise over the Heath, saw one deer, picked a few raspberries and blueberries and found a new few wood lilies blooming. (7.0 miles)

Meanwhile, Sam has been having an awesome week at Riverview this week for camp. Such fun! I wish I could go to camp for the week ;)

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