Friday, November 10, 2017

While We Were Away and the First of Two Rest Weeks

While we were away for Pinhoti, Sam had a great long weekend with Neenie and Pip! We are so grateful for their help and so glad she had the chance to spend extra time with her grandparents. So special :)

Headed out on Friday night for the Halloween Parade

Black Cat and Vampire

Besties :)

Celebrating Pip's birthday with a pumpkin pie. Yum!

Cathance walk

Cathance walk

Cutie pie :)

Checking out the beaver exhibit in the ecology center

Out walking

Trail selfie

Along the river

LLBean fish tank fun

Pho for Pip's birthday dinner! 

Monday, Sam went back to school after having had all of the prior week off from the storm (!!), Mom and Dad rested ;) and Ryan, John and I made our way back to Maine. I was feeling good enough that after we checked through security, Ryan and I walked through three terminals to terminal C. There were some neat art exhibits set up in the long walkway tunnels along the way. I may have felt good, but I did avail myself of the moving walkways ;)

Walking in between terminals at ATL (really cool multi-media display with bird sounds and cool overhead "foliage" effect)

On Tuesday, Sam went to school, Ryan and I rested, and while Mom and Dad were still around, we had a (slightly late) birthday dinner for Sam with all the grandparents and my aunt Susie. It was great to see everyone and fun to celebrate our kiddo!

Stylin' girl

Big kid

Cool kid


Big candle, little cupcake

Happy kid

Love this one 💗

Smiley girl

Cutting the crazy cake made for the rest of us chocolate-lovers

Cut right in!

It was a nice way to ease back into reality :) I must admit that it was a bit hard to focus at work on Wednesday and Thursday, but I had lots to catch up on after being away! #paperwork

Thursday I did a bit of rolling and stretching and I decided the legs were feeling good enough to get in a short walk today. It was a blustery, cool, sunny morning and I got in a nice walk along the river on the leafy trails. Felt really good, and probably was moving faster than I was during some my midnight miles at Pinhoti ;) Felt good to stretch the legs and good to get out and enjoy the beautiful morning! (1.8 miles walked)

I'm taking a full two weeks off from running even though honestly I am feeling pretty good. This break is totally self-imposed but I think it is important to let the body rest and recover after a long, hard effort. I am also eating a lot... Seriously, see that cake above? I just finished the last of it, and I think I've probably singlehandedly eaten about a 1/3 of it ;) #eatallthethings

Roaring river

Along the trail

Flowing Cathance

After my walk, I enjoyed a good massage from Lauren before doing some errands and grocery shopping. Now it is time to move on to cleaning the house! And poof, just like that, all caught up :)

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