Friday, December 13, 2013


Worked a half day today then took off to do a few errands. Got home as quickly as I could, threw on my running clothes and bolted out the door to get in 3 miles before heading to Portland for my appointment with Dr. Jamie. I know, poor me. Out for a run, even if a rushed one, in the middle of the day on Friday ;) It was sunny but windy. I ran the short Highland Green loop. Decided to forego the screw shoes as I'd be on the pavement for most of the run. Probably slowed me down a little on the short trail stretches but not much. No major slipping issues and better than hearing the click, clack, click of the screws on the pavement for 2 miles of a 3 mile run! As I ran down Mountain Road, I caught sight of a raptor up above. It was an eagle! And pretty low, soaring above treeline. I stopped for a second to watch him glide by. Then a few seconds later, another! Wow. A rare sighting - very cool! Very happy my rushed run coincided with their soaring over Highland Green. Shot home, took a quick shower and got down to Portland in time. Nothing major going on, just trying to keep things in good shape. Take a breath...

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