Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pre-Dawn Run

Since I never made it out of bed the past few mornings, today was my atonement run :-) But it was a lovely one. Yes, it was cold - the thermometer was reading 10 degrees when I left the house a little after 6 am - but I was bundled up and actually stayed quite warm throughout the run. I turned on my headlamp and headed across the street, running the 5-mile Highland Green loop. There was no wind to speak of, and all was quiet except for the crunching of the snow beneath my feet. I ran along, treated to a view of the beginning of the sunrise at the back of the community - the sky blood orange against the bare branches of the trees. As the sky grew lighter, a soft light allowed me to see the snow-covered pines lining the back dirt road - beautiful - and the animal tracks in the light dusting of new snow at my feet. I even came across two other intrepid souls out for a run with their dog.

Didn't have any wildlife sightings on the run, but did get a nice sighting of a flock of 15+ Cedar Waxwings later in the morning as I walked along the back of the library. The birds were twittering and calling as they sat amongst one of the fruit trees bearing deep red, and now snow-covered, berries. Love their yellow tail line - so cheery!

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