Monday, September 2, 2019

Last Hurray of Summer: Acadia Weekend Fun

We headed up to MDI Friday for our annual Acadia end-of-summer trip. Always a good time, and this year was no exception!

Kicked off the weekend with a flight at Atlantic Brewery

After lunch, we headed to hike the Precipice up Champlain Mountain. We haven't hiked this trails in years, as it has often been closed due to peregrine falcon nesting, but knew that Sam would love it, so figured we'd give it a go since it was open to hiking this year. 

It was a bit fear-inducing on my part 😱 but Sam was a champ, and I managed to make it up with only a few whimpers on some of the longer ladders 😂😂 Took a bit longer than anticipated but man, what a glorious afternoon and the views from the edge of the cliffs really were amazing! (2.5 miles walked)

Up we go!

Made it to the top!

Headed down the Orange & Black Trail

 Then it was off to set up camp, cook up dinner, start a fire and light some sparklers!

Saturday morning, I woke up early and enjoyed some quiet time outside the tent before we set off for breakfast at Two Cats - yum! 😋

Then it was up the coast to Schoodic for some exploration. Another beautiful day and fun to wander around a part of the park that, once again, Ryan and I haven't been to in years. Truly beautiful coastline!

We spent some time wandering around the rocks at Schoodic Point. Crashing waves, deep turquoise waters, gorgeous views back to MDI, and a cool patch of boggy area with huge bog cranberries. Truly beautiful.


Bog cranberries

From there, we headed out along the park loop and stopped to hike The Anvil and Schoodic Head Mountain. A very cool loop with some neat rock formations, beautiful green moss, rich red mountain cranberries, beautiful views, and along The Alder Trail tons of blackberry brambles yielding warm, yummy berries plus a few butterfly and caterpillar sightings. (2.8 miles walked)

Neat bird trail markings! 🐦


Signs of fall

Google tells me this is a Yellow-Spotted Tussock Moth caterpillar

Viceroy Butterfly, very close looking to the Monarch

We picked up pizza on the way home and ate it in front of a roaring campfire. What a lovely day!

Sunday, I woke up early and headed out for a run. Saw seven deer as I ran down Hall Quarry Road, including these four bounding across the road...

Headed up St. Sauveur and then out along the rocky ledges of Valley Peak and up and over Acadia on the return. Always a lovely loop, especially on a nice morning. The trails were quiet, the sun was shining and the views were, as always, gorgeous. (7.5 miles)

Headed up St. Sauveur

Valley Peak views

Acadia summit

After a few morning rounds of cornhole and a trip in the paddle boat around the quarry, we packed up and headed over to Mansell for a hike. I had been wanting to show Sam and Ryan the Precipice Trail and it did not disappoint. Nor did the Razorback Trail, which was new to me, and which we took on the descent. Gorgeous views! Ran into a few groups along the way but enjoyed the relative quiet of this "lesser" mountain. Lots of amazing stonework on the way up and nice rocky ledges on the way down. A great little loop! (2.8 miles walked)

Long Pond

Headed up the Precipice

More steps!

Vista a few 1/10ths below the Mansell summit

Descending the Razorback Trail

Such pretty views!

We finished up the day with some time in the pool, dinner at Beal's Lobster Pound and one final roaring campfire complete with s'mores to round out a great weekend!

My little fish 🐠


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Wayne W Walls said...

Very nice photos! I especially like the stone steps! That's the kind of stuff that motivates me to hike. I find myself less interested if it is all just flat trails through trees. Thanks for the post!