Sunday, January 6, 2019

Weekend Running

Enough snow fell on Thursday morning for a 2 hour school delay and to cover all the hardened ice from the rain/slush storm on Tuesday with several inches of fluffy powder. Eeek! 😁😦 Slipped and fell on some camouflaged black ice on my way to the PO from the office on Thursday afternoon, and saw multiple friends posting about falling on their runs on Stava, and I was sticking to the roads on Friday morning's run!

I headed over to Pennelville and although the roads were slippy sloppy and the two dirt road sections were slightly treacherous, the roads were fairly quiet and I was greeted with some wonderful sky and ocean views. As always, running out that way does not disappoint! 😍

Clouds and fields

Glowing sky at the end of Old Pennelville Road

Simpson's Point view

The rest of the day was spent doing errands, getting a massage from Lauren (ahhh!) and doing some cooking from the Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Fun to make up a few things outside of my typical meal plan!

Pickled onions for tacos on Sunday and cashew sauce for Friday night's dinner

Bowl with quinoa as the base, balsmic chicken, maple brussell sprouts and bacon, and roasted sweet potatoes, topped with the cashew sauce. Yum! And a bubbly wine from my Christmas stocking to go with it 😂

Saturday morning dawned blah and overcast. I was feeling severely under-motivated so instead of going out early, I sat around, drinking coffee and relaxing. Then after I dropped Sam up at the Y to take the bus to her away swim meet, I put on my running pack, put the ear buds in, tuned into a Billy Yang podcast and ran the roads back to home. Some of the back roads farther out in Bath are quite nice, but there's also just some plain old grinding necessary along Old Bath Road where there is more traffic. It wasn't an overly energetic or super happy pretty tra-la-la run but I got it done. (15.0 miles) Of course, then that meant Ryan had to drive me back up to the Y in the afternoon so we could pick up the car and Sam, but it worked out OK 😃

This morning, to round out the week, I met up with Emma down at her house and she took me on a nice tour of the Blackstrap trails. Whoa, there are some hills down there 😆 Things were a bit uneven and fairly icy, but overall, there had been more traffic on the trails than I would have expected and the Hillsounds performed nicely. It was fun to chat as we ran along, although admittedly I wasn't quite as chatty as I might have been since I was feeling a bit tired! Still, a fun run and a good way to wrap up the first 40+ mile week I've had in a while! (8.3 miles)

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