Monday, April 16, 2018

Resting & Relaxing

Two post-race, fun-filled vacation days spent not running, relaxing, golf carting, swimming, strawberry picking, ice cream eating and aquarium visiting 💗

But first, two photos from Saturday's race, and hey, we're both smiling! 🏃

 Yesterday, we golf carted in the rain up to the pool for a swim... 🏊

And today, we picked strawberries on a blue sky afternoon... 🍓🍓

...and had fun at the Fort Fischer Aquarium... complete with a new dinosaur exhibit. Roar!!! 🐠🐢🐲

Followed up, of course, with ice cream, because we're trying to cram in as many Boombalatti's visits during vacation as possible 😋🍦

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