Monday, November 12, 2018

Cathance Fun

Yesterday afternoon, after a quiet morning spent inside while Ryan was up at Riverlands for his run, Sam and I headed over to the Cathance for a walk. There was a thin sheen of ice on the Heath and the air was crisp and cold, but the sky was bright blue and the sun shone brightly. We kept it short and sweet and had a good time walking around the Heath, counting bog bridges as we went along 😃 (There are exactly 20 if you're wondering... 😉) Love getting outside with my girl! (1.0 miles walked)

Love that late afternoon light shining through the trees 💗

Silly outtake 😂😍


This morning, I drove over to ecology center lot to start my run from there as I didn't have a lot of miles to run and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck 😀 It was another beautiful, crisp late fall day with the sun shining brightly and temps in the high 20s, and I had a lovely run complete with iced over puddles, hoar frost, the roaring river and the first of the season ice pancakes! Well, really more like frozen foam pancakes today but still! 🥞 It was a nice, mellow run today with lots of time spent taking photos, marveling at the beauty around me and just enjoying being out in the woods on a gorgeous morning. (4.5 miles)

Sunday, November 11, 2018


This cycle I've cut my taper to two weeks. Hopefully it will be enough to let my legs rest without making me feel too crazed from not running! 😆😁 I'm starting to get nervous for JFK. I feel like I've had a good round of training for the most part leading up to this race, but it is such a different animal than the typical trail ultras I've run! There's a few miles of road at the start, then 13 miles on the AT, then 26 miles on the flat C&O canal path, followed up by a final 8 mile road stretch to the finish. I know the start will be fairly slow due to the more technical terrain and the fact that it's a large race, and I'm fine with that. It's the canal path that is scaring me the most, and I just hope I can stay strong enough to run that whole stretch and still have legs for the final miles. I guess we'll find out!

Monday was a day off and then Tuesday morning, I headed out into the dark and rainy morning.... again... Man, it has been a stretch of dreary, rainy weather around here, whew! Ran the cart paths, minus holes 1 & 2. Lots of puddles to run through and five deer seen in the misty pre-dawn light. (5.1 miles)

Tuesday, I woke to clear skies and it was so lovely! Still dark when I headed out to run but with a lovely glow on the horizon. Ran the Highland Green road loop with 10x 60 seconds on/90 seconds off thrown into the middle three miles, just to get the legs moving. (5.0 miles)

Friday, Mindy and Val came here to meet up with me for a run out on the Cathance trails. It was great to catch up with them and nice to have a chance to share my home trails with them! We started out under bright, sunny, blue skies and enjoyed running along the river, stopping to marvel at the flowing water a few times. Water levels have dropped a fair amount since Sam and my walk out there on Sunday, but there is still a lot of water flowing right now! On the way back, Val decided to get further out into the Heath for a better photo of the cotton sedge. She didn't fall in, but she didn't quite stay dry 😉 It is definitely a true bog out there! 😂 (6.7 miles)

Quarry view (photo by Val)

The perfect little mushroom (photo by Val)

Out atop the bog grass 

We followed up the run with a delicious lunch at Union Street Cafe. Yum! What a fun morning spent with friends! Thanks guys!

I woke to the pitter patter of rain on Saturday morning and went downstairs early to have coffee and relax a bit in the hopes that skies would clear a bit before I headed out. Bah. I ended up deciding that the best course of action was to head out around 9:00 am and run up the YMCA to meet up with Ryan and Sam there for the first swim meet of the season. Thankfully Ryan was on board with the plan, and doing a point to point would keep things interesting. It was still cold and dreary, emphasized by the fact that no one was on the bike path other than me 😉, but at least the rain had stopped... at least until mile 6, at which time it started to rain again and the wind picked up. 😣😬 Ah well. Guess that's what I get for trying to outwit the weather! 😆 In any event, despite the overcast skies and rain later in the run, there were still a few hints of color out there and the legs felt pretty snappy, so all was not lost. (10.0 miles)

I warmed up at the Y with a cup of coffee and we spent the next 3 1/2 hours watching Sam's swim meet. Most definitely pay back for making our parents sit through endless track meets! 😂😂 I do love that Sam loves swim so much and is so comfortable out there on the swim deck with her teammates! It is fun to watch 😃 On the actual swimming front, while we don't have official results yet, she had three strong events, which is always nice!

Spent the day watching that pink swim cap 😍

This morning, Emma came up to join me for a run. It was only 31 degrees and after yesterday's rain, there was a lot of ice out there, but it was a glorious sunshiney crisp morning! We ran the cart paths, catching up and chatting away the miles. Always good to run with Emma, and a great way to cap off the week! (6.0 miles)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

And That's A Wrap!

Last long run of the training cycle before JFK this morning. A bright, cool and blustery morning and oh so lovely to be out in the sunshine! Ran the cart paths x2 combined with a short trip down to the river to check out how it was flowing after all our rain this week - roaring! - for the first half of the run and then did an out and back on the bike paths to finish up the miles. Didn't feel super duper but it was decent run and happy to get it done. And now let the taper crazies and travel tantrums begin 😂(20.0 miles)

These two deer and I stared at each other for quite some time before 
I walked off slowly to continue my run


After lunch while Ryan was getting in his run, Sam and I headed over to the Cathance for a short hike to enjoy the roaring river. I had only done a short loop down along the water's edge, so it was fun to explore further along the river. So much water! There was a lot of water on the trails, and some flooding along the banks as well. We marveled at it all, Sam had fun jumping off rocks and we had some great discussions about the big bang theory, Zeus, mushrooms and of course, how much further we had to hike and if she looked cuter in her cat ears headband or my orange hat 😍😆 As always, it is great to get out in the woods with this kiddo! (1.6 miles walked)


The roaring river

More jumping!

Flooded trail

Hmmm, maybe not quite so effective a bog bridge today 😏


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Samantha Fun (And a Bit of Running)

This has been a busy week!

Wednesday was Halloween, and we hit the Topsham Fair Mall Halloween Parade with Anne and Thistle, as is tradition, all decked out in Star Wars costumes! The girls had a great time and collected a whole lot of candy in the process as well! We followed up the parade with dinner out with the Dostie clan and then called it a night. Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

Rae, Princess Leia and Chewie

Anne was rockin' some serious stilts!

Mazie the good witch joined in 😃

Later that evening, it started to rain and it basically has been raining constantly since then... and we are now at Saturday afternoon as of this writing! It has been one dreary week, for sure.

Looking at my Strava log, I realized I hit 1,800 miles for the year at the end of Tuesday's run, which is pretty cool. Running 2,000+ miles is another goal for the year so I am well on my way!

Wednesday it poured all day, but with the forecast I knew I wasn't going to escape running in the rain this week so on Thursday morning I went out and did some speed work on Highland Green Road in the dark in the rain. Gotta love November! 13x 60 seconds on/90 seconds off. If nothing else, it helps me work on my leg turnover. Still sniffly. (6.3 miles)

Friday morning, I headed out around 8:00 am so that even though I would be running in the rain, at least it would be in the light! It was a very squishy, sloppy, soggy run out on the trails in the Cathance. November is always a rough month with lack of sight and general dreariness, but there is some subtle beauty to be found if you're willing to take a close look. 😍 (6.2 miles)

After running around and doing errands, cleaning the house and going down to Portland for a Dr. Jamie visit to make sure things are as good as they can be for JFK, I headed back north to pick Sam up at school so that we could drive back down to Portland. Ah, gotta love Mom life 😂 Or maybe it's just my life 😆😆

In what was not your typical Friday night, Sam was part of the high five line for the players at the start of the game, sang the national anthem with her choral group, got on the Jumbotron cheering with the cheerleaders, high-fived a big lobster (several times), watched her friends on unicycle during the half time show and all around had so much fun!

There were a lot of Woodside kids and parents at the game, and the kids all did a great job! What a fun night!

Part of the high five line for the players

Watch till the end, so cute! 😍

This kid... 💕

High fives!

I had a video of the group singing the National Anthem but it is not uploading! Boo!

With the cheerleaders

On the Jumbotron! 

Watching their friends from WOW do the halftime show on their unicycles 😎

This morning I did what anyone would do on a Saturday morning while waiting for the sky to lighten so I could run in the rain and put my name in for the Western States lottery. Hey, I know my chances are slim but someone with 2 tickets is going to get in so why not try! 🤞 Then I went out for a few miles and stomped in the puddles! (5.2 miles) Honestly, it was kinda nasty out and there is a serious amount of water from this week's rain. The river is going to be running high tomorrow!!

Ryan took off for MA to pace Chris at Stonecat and Sam and I set out to check out one of the many craft fairs and have lunch 🍣🍣 before doing some shopping so that she could make some of the things in her new Super Squishies Slime and Putty book. Lots of messes today, including a balloon full of baking soda and condition exploding all over me 😂😆 but I love her enthusiasm and it's been perfect for a rainy Saturday!

Lunch date 💗


Glitter milkshake, anyone?! 😃

I'll be finishing up the weekend with my last long run of the JFK training cycle tomorrow and am looking forward to running in some sunshine! 😎