Sunday, September 15, 2019

Feeling Like Fall

Feeling like fall this week with cool mornings, bright sunshine and warm afternoons. XC has started and school is in full swing.

Sam had her first XC practice on Monday evening. I went dressed to run, just in case but it's a small team and the coach, an energetic young woman who assisted a few years back, said she had it covered. So, I turned on my watch and headed out for my own run! Ran on the road down to the bike path and turned around at the 22 minute mark. Not the most exciting run but happy to have had the chance to get out! Made it back in time to catch the last few minutes of practice. Nice evening. (5.0 miles)

Ryan was away Tuesday and Wednesday for a conference, and we had our annual audit at work, so there was no running those days. Got out Thursday morning into the darkness and ran the cart paths. Windy and quiet. One grouse seen. Legs felt good. (6.0 miles)

Friday, I headed over to Brad to meet up with Keri and Anne for a run. I wanted to get in a few more miles than what we were planning so I got there a bit early and ran up to the summit and around on the mountain side before heading back to the parking lot. It was a gorgeous morning to be out. Nice and cool but warm in the sun.

At 9:15, the three of us headed out onto the east side and did a variation of the old BBU east course. I couldn't tell you the newest iteration of that section but I always like the old route. It was great to have a chance to catch up as we ran along! Anne stopped once we got back to the lot after 5ish miles, but Keri was feeling good and wanted to go for a few extra miles so I joined her, because why not?! Lots of perfectly shaped yellow toadstool like mushrooms seen, and one purple one too. All in all, a fun morning run, and great to get in some miles with friends! (10.2 miles)

Still was hoping for a slightly longer "long" run this weekend, so I headed out with my pack for a 2+ hour run on Saturday morning. Sky looked lovely through the winds right at sunrise but I was not fast enough to be outside to enjoy it while running 😉 Got out the door a few minutes before 7:00 and headed out on the powerlines. Cool but unlike Friday, rather muggy. Still, definitely looking like fall out there and the air is full of that autumnal smell of sweet ferns, goldenrod, ripening berries and fallen leaves. Mmm! Love that. Found one last patch of blackberries to enjoy too! After the Lover's Lane loop and a jaunt on one side of the mountain bike trails by the dump, I headed back towards home and out into the Cathance for a few more miles. Solid morning. Legs felt a bit tired but happy to get in some good home trail miles! (13.0 miles)

Lots of mushrooms out along the trails

Colors of fall 💗

The afternoon turned dreary and rainy so we got a few things done around the house. Not as fun as getting out for an adventure but sometimes necessary!

This morning, I headed out around town for a road meander. It was foggy and slightly misty to start, then got very muggy as the fog started to burn off and the sun began to emerge. Feeling strong and happy to finish up with another 40 mile week! (7.0 miles)

Anne came over to play with Sam for the morning and after lunch we met up with Kristen and Thistle out at Rocky Ridge. A gorgeous late summer feeling afternoon for some apple picking fun out at the orchard! A great way to wrap up the weekend!

These two 💗

Love these silly, goofy kids! 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Weekend Running Fun

Set out into the lovely crisp air on Friday for a run out into the Cathance. Hit the cart paths first to add on a bit of mileage and then meandered down along the river and through the woods out to Head of Tides. Lovely morning light, some bright mushrooms and fungi, colorful late summer flowers and berries plus seven turkeys scared up along the river banks and one deer seen prancing ahead on the trail. Legs felt good. (15.0 miles)

The Heath is covered with cotton sedge. Beautiful but hard to see in the photos 💗

Such a cool web!

Sending silly photos to Sam enroute 😂

Waxy cap

Indian pipe

Purple aster

Golden spindles

Love this viburnum 😍

Sam had a friend sleep over on Friday night and I didn't get a lot of sleep. Not to mention, it was dark and dreary and rainy from the hurricane remnants early in the morning and that didn't make me want to jump up and get out the door 😉 So instead, I sat around and drank coffee and made the girls pancakes and bacon, and then headed out the door midmorning. It was rather overcast, damp and windy and the roots and bog bridges out in the Cathance were rather greasy, but it wasn't raining and the woods were lovely and peaceful. Stopped for what are likely the final few trailside blackberries of the season, enjoyed the bright red cardinal flowers still blooming along the river and stopped to admire the sea of cotton sedge out in the Heath and at a patch of milkweed along the powerlines to see if I could find any monarch caterpillars. Took it nice and easy. (7.0 miles)

Cardinal flower

Cotton sedge out in the Heath

Chomp! 💗🐛

This morning, it was up and out early before Ryan headed over to Brad to help set up for the Bruiser. Waited until the sky was just lightening so I didn't need a headlamp 😉 Headed out through the neighborhoods and down to the swinging bridge, enjoying the moody sky as the sun rose and began to shine through the heavy cloud cover. Came back up through the Highlands and along the connector path. Legs don't want anything to do with "fast" - guess I need to start up with some pick-ups to get a bit of turnover back! - but I felt decent. Happy to finish out the week feeling good and finally hit 40 miles (pretty much exactly but it still counts! 😂) for the week for the first time since Western States! (6.0 miles)

Then it was off to Brad with Sam to volunteer during the race. To keep ourselves occupied while we waited for the racers to come back to the finish area, we took a nice little walk out the Link with Kate and the dogs. Lots of mushrooms and some good sniffs for Hagrid and Moxie! 😂🐶 (0.9 miles walked)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

5th Grade!

Back to school and work and reality after a really fun stretch at the end of summer. Can't believe my girl is in 5th grade! I know it's cliche, but truly, where does the time go?!? 💗

On the running front, it's back to the early morning darkness with a headlamp definitely needed. Ran Highland Green Road and Canam on Tuesday in the fog. One red eft rescued and one eagle seen swooping through the mist above. (6.0 miles)


Yesterday I hit the cart paths. Another foggy, overcast morning and dark, very dark. Six deer seen. (6.0 miles)

Feeling slightly lost and unfocused now that I've cancelled my plans for Ghost Train but I still have my mileage goal for the year to work towards and am having fun looking at ultrasignup as I figure out my 2020 race plans 😃

Monday, September 2, 2019

Last Hurray of Summer: Acadia Weekend Fun

We headed up to MDI Friday for our annual Acadia end-of-summer trip. Always a good time, and this year was no exception!

Kicked off the weekend with a flight at Atlantic Brewery

After lunch, we headed to hike the Precipice up Champlain Mountain. We haven't hiked this trails in years, as it has often been closed due to peregrine falcon nesting, but knew that Sam would love it, so figured we'd give it a go since it was open to hiking this year. 

It was a bit fear-inducing on my part 😱 but Sam was a champ, and I managed to make it up with only a few whimpers on some of the longer ladders 😂😂 Took a bit longer than anticipated but man, what a glorious afternoon and the views from the edge of the cliffs really were amazing! (2.5 miles walked)

Up we go!

Made it to the top!

Headed down the Orange & Black Trail

 Then it was off to set up camp, cook up dinner, start a fire and light some sparklers!

Saturday morning, I woke up early and enjoyed some quiet time outside the tent before we set off for breakfast at Two Cats - yum! 😋

Then it was up the coast to Schoodic for some exploration. Another beautiful day and fun to wander around a part of the park that, once again, Ryan and I haven't been to in years. Truly beautiful coastline!

We spent some time wandering around the rocks at Schoodic Point. Crashing waves, deep turquoise waters, gorgeous views back to MDI, and a cool patch of boggy area with huge bog cranberries. Truly beautiful.


Bog cranberries

From there, we headed out along the park loop and stopped to hike The Anvil and Schoodic Head Mountain. A very cool loop with some neat rock formations, beautiful green moss, rich red mountain cranberries, beautiful views, and along The Alder Trail tons of blackberry brambles yielding warm, yummy berries plus a few butterfly and caterpillar sightings. (2.8 miles walked)

Neat bird trail markings! 🐦


Signs of fall

Google tells me this is a Yellow-Spotted Tussock Moth caterpillar

Viceroy Butterfly, very close looking to the Monarch

We picked up pizza on the way home and ate it in front of a roaring campfire. What a lovely day!

Sunday, I woke up early and headed out for a run. Saw seven deer as I ran down Hall Quarry Road, including these four bounding across the road...

Headed up St. Sauveur and then out along the rocky ledges of Valley Peak and up and over Acadia on the return. Always a lovely loop, especially on a nice morning. The trails were quiet, the sun was shining and the views were, as always, gorgeous. (7.5 miles)

Headed up St. Sauveur

Valley Peak views

Acadia summit

After a few morning rounds of cornhole and a trip in the paddle boat around the quarry, we packed up and headed over to Mansell for a hike. I had been wanting to show Sam and Ryan the Precipice Trail and it did not disappoint. Nor did the Razorback Trail, which was new to me, and which we took on the descent. Gorgeous views! Ran into a few groups along the way but enjoyed the relative quiet of this "lesser" mountain. Lots of amazing stonework on the way up and nice rocky ledges on the way down. A great little loop! (2.8 miles walked)

Long Pond

Headed up the Precipice

More steps!

Vista a few 1/10ths below the Mansell summit

Descending the Razorback Trail

Such pretty views!

We finished up the day with some time in the pool, dinner at Beal's Lobster Pound and one final roaring campfire complete with s'mores to round out a great weekend!

My little fish 🐠