Sunday, December 8, 2019


Was up in Bangor all day on Wednesday for a work conference and didn't quite have the umph to get up extra early to go out into the fray before I left, especially knowing things would be messy after Tuesday's snow. Wasn't even sure what I'd find Thursday morning, but there had been enough snowmobile traffic on the powerlines for me to allow me to get over to Highland Green Road. Wore my screwshoes and was glad for them, as the road itself was messy and a bit icy. Darkness the whole way. (6.0 miles)

Friday morning, I headed out right at sunrise, figuring I'd go wherever looked good. Wore my trail shoes and stuck my spikes in my pockets. Beautiful out on the powerlines as the sun rose.

It was a mixed bag of conditions, with some decent footing with the spikes on and some really soft snow. Did a bit of exploring before finally turning around, and heading back towards Highland Green. Veered off the road and did the short lollypop loop down to the river. Only one snowshoer had been out on the trails, so it was slow going, but pretty. Happy to find a few early season ice pancakes floating out in the river and even had a sighting of an eagle as he fly overhead! (10.0 miles)

Later in the day, I picked Sam up from school and we headed downtown for some gingerbread cookie gelato -yum! 😋🍨 - and Christmas shopping before dinner. A fun way to end the day!

Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes started falling later in the evening and I was surpised to find a rather heavy dusting on the ground when I woke up. Made for a really pretty morning but also meant conditions were rather sketchy! Ran out on the powerlines again, chasing the sunrise, before looping up into Highland Green and down to the river. No ice pancakes today but so pretty with the white snow atop the trees, and really just a gorgeous morning to be out. (6.0 miles)

Then it was off to the Y for Sam's swim meet and to "watch" the Western States lottery! Wasn't expecting much with only 1 ticket and a 1.2% chance of my name getting pulled, but I wore my finisher zip-up for some good vibes all the same 😉 And nope, I did not get in, but it was fun to watch the names roll by all the same and remember the feeling of excitement from last December when my name was pulled 😎


Irene and Dana came up for the meet, and then Sam drove back to MA with them for Christmas tree decorating. A fun tradition for them. Got a few more errands and chores done once they headed south and then Ryan and I headed over to Frontier for drinks and an early dinner at the bar. Cheers to a night out! 🍷🍻

Only 2 degrees when I woke up this morning. Brrr! Definitely resulted in some procrastination 😂😁 but I finally got out the door around 8:00 am. In what is a very typical Danielle move, I scrapped my original plan and decided to just head out through town to the bike path and get in 15. Originally thinking of trying for 20 but I just didn't have the umph for it on such a cold morning. And that's OK. Felt pretty solid throughout the run and although it most certainly was chilly out, it was thankfully calm and the sun was bright, so I warmed up fairly quickly. The sun sparkled on the frosted trees and I had the bike path to myself. Everyone else must have thought it was too cold to be out! 😆 (15.0 miles)

Hit 2,000 miles for the year about 2 miles into the run - woohoo! - and finished up with another 40+ mile week so feeling pretty good about where I'm at, even if I haven't cracked that 20 miler yet! Next week 😜

Meanwhile, the kiddo was having fun decorating Irene and Dana's Christmas tree. She is the perfect holiday helper! 💗🎄

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Snow Day!

Snow day yesterday which meant a quiet morning drinking coffee and getting work done before the rest of the house woke up...

 ...and then getting in a mid-morning run as the snow fell and the wind whipped. Beautiful out in the woods, but out in the open on the roads, the wind was fairly brutal, and it was essentially an exercise in keep your head down and your feet moving! (5.4 miles)

Sam had one of her friends over after lunch and when they suited up to go outside and play in the snow, we discovered that she'd outgrown her snowpants! Oops. So after a bit more work for me and play for them, I shoveled out and cleaned off the car and she and I headed to Reny's for new snowpants. Oh, and some Christmas socks and holiday window decorations too! Gotta be festive after all 🎄🎅

Monday, December 2, 2019

Poof! It's Christmas!

Tree decorating fun! 💗🎄🎅

Helping 😂

#wser 💗

We have a stocking for Ryan too, but I was trying to get a photo of the "cats" stocking that Sam made with my mom! 

Christmas tree selfie 

In full disclosure, the tree barely fit in the door and it's maybe slightly crooked, we didn't have enough lights so had to go out and get another set which is a different color white, Ryan had to sit down and have a snack halfway through because he was so hungry, and then the whole process took so long that I let Ryan and Sam finish decorating so I could start dinner and then promptly filled the house with smoke while cooking bacon 🙈🙉🙊 Ha! Guess that's the reality of life, it's messy but it's still beautiful.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Week Fun

Didn't get up and out on Tuesday morning as I had hoped, but Ryan was nice enough to take Sam to swim so that I could run outside in the late afternoon and not have to run for week #3 on the track. Gotta get my morning act together! 🙈

Although I don't normally run outside late in the afternoon, it was a nice change and on such a nice, warm November day I really enjoyed it. And it truly was beautiful and perhaps a bit melancholy running through the woods as the light faded. Four deer seen and no ice to be found. (6.0 miles)

Late November Heath

Sunset over the powerlines

From chasing sunset on Tuesday to sunrise on Wednesday. Glorious morning and just had to run down the powerlines to catch as much of the glow as I could! 😍


That glow 💗

From there, I headed back up into Highland Green. I had decided to try out the Interval Training option on the Coros, which offers a very simple way to do intervals. It worked well except that I somehow only input 5x 30/60 versus the 10 I had planned. Ah well, still good to get in a few short bursts of speed for the morning! (6.1 miles)

Then it was off to MA for a few days of Thanksgiving fun with the Triffitt family. Wednesday is always the traditional make and bake day followed up by pizza for dinner 😃

Apple pie making

The finished product 💗😋💗


Pumpkin pie making is serious business 😂

More helping!

Cousins 😎😍

Thursday morning, Ryan and I got up and out for a run together before the rest of the cooking and feasting began. It was colder and winder than we had anticipated, and raining too. Brrr! Still, lovely out through the salt marsh and always nice to get in a run with Ryan! (7.1 miles)

The rest of the day was spent cooking and eating and cleaning and eating 😉 and mostly being thankful for this crazy crew! 💗 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday dawned still cold and windy but brighter at least! After lunch, Ryan, Sam and I got over to Bradley Palmer for a nice, brisk walk. A bit chilly but always good to get out in the woods with my two loves 💕 (2.4 miles walked)


And of course, lots of time was spent being goofy with the cousins 😃

Saturday morning was even colder than Saturday and the wind was rather incessant. I had planned to get up and out early but managed to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep. Oops 😮 Oh well, guess I needed the sleep! I'd love to say that starting 3 hours later meant it was warmer but that was just not the case. Brrrr! I really did not quite have the appropriate clothing! All those things combined meant not as many miles as I had planneded but still a nice, if windy and frozen, run over at Bradley Palmer to wrap up our time down in MA. (10.0 miles)

We headed back home after lunch, got some laundry going and things put away, and then went back out into in the frigid air for noodles. Yum!

This morning, Sam was coming over to meet up with Ryan for a run at 8:30, so I set two alarms 😉😆 and managed to get up and out at 5:40 am. It was colder than Saturday but calm, which made it much more pleasant! Plus with lots of layers and a pair of mittens over my gloves, I was plenty toasty. Ran the cart paths and watched the sky turn pink beyond the bare trees, then watched the sun come up as I headed out along the powerlines. A lovely morning to be out, and glad to have the chance to get the miles in! Finished up with a few frozen tears on my eye lashes and with about 10 minutes to spare... perfect! (15.0 miles)

Frosty sunrise