Monday, June 20, 2022

End of School

This week was a busy one in terms of work for both Ryan and I, and just making it through the last few days of school for Sam before summer vacation started on Wednesday afternoon. Which means we now have an 8th grader in the house! Crazy. 

Monday was a walk around Bath during swim practice. Very muggy. (2.1 miles walked)

Tuesday ended up being an afternoon run down to the river and back. Not as hot out as I had feared it would be, but still finished up very sweaty! Two deer and lots of bugs. (6.0 miles)

And then poof, Wednesday was the last day of 7th grade! πŸŽ‰Proud of Sam for having another great school year - we are incredibly grateful to have a hard working, kind, social, bright kiddo who does well in school and enjoys being there (or at least enjoys being with her friends πŸ˜‰) but I know she is really looking forward to summer 😊 

Dad and Ryan played golf in the morning and I had an early morning meeting and then a work training, so Mom picked Sam up after her half day and they went downtown for lunch and gelato. What fun, and a good way to kick off summer!

Got out Thursday morning for a run on the cart paths Thursday morning. One deer, one possum, towhees calling and sheep laurel blooming along the powerlines, plus the blueberries are getting big. Still green but I'm guessing it will only be another week or two before they ripen. (6.0 miles)

It rained overnight and was very overcast, humid and muggy on Friday morning. I headed out around 8:00 to pick up a few things at the farmer's market and then drove over to run on the Chase and Calderwood trails. I always forget that these trails are so unrunnable πŸ˜‚ but it was a fun meander. Slick roots, overgrown, grassy trails and slow going but on the plus side, it was cool enough that there weren't a lot of bugs! Saw one osprey and enjoyed running through the many patches of sweet smelling hay scented ferns. (7.3 miles)

Ryan joined us for Friday swim practice and it was nice to have company for an afternoon walk! (2.0 miles walked) Then, on the way home, we stopped for ice cream before dinner πŸ˜‹πŸ¦

Breezy, bright and beautiful on Saturday morning when I headed out for my run. And cool too! Very lovely. Stopped to take a photo of the milkweed starting to bloom along the powerlines and found that it was already host to a monarch caterpillar! 😍Also, so.much.pollen 😢(10.0 miles)


Sam went over to Anne's in the late afternoon, and then we joined in a few hours later for pizza and s'mores and a few hours of hanging out. Always nice to catch up with friends and let the kids have fun together! Thanks, Kristen and Phil!

Cool, windy and overcast on Sunday morning, and with rain in the forecast, I got out a little before 8:00 for a run around the Highland Green block. Not much to report but did see a board winged hawk alight on a branch above me with a stick in its mouth, which was a fun sighting! (6.0 miles)

Then it was a mellow afternoon before we headed over to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads in my life! πŸ’•

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Early June

Feeling and looking like summer out there! So much green, so much pollen and most of the spring wildflowers gone. 

Got out Monday for a walk around the Bath block during swim practice. Lovely out. (2.1 miles walked)

Tuesday was a busy work day including a luncheon at Bowdoin for the fellow we are having join us for the summer. Couldn't help but take a photo of these lovely white iris blooming on campus!

And this is what happened after Sam got home from school πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It is tough work being a 12-year old with only one week to go in school! 

Once Sam had ensconced herself on her bed with her phone and a snack - her preferred situation! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„- I headed out for a run down to the river and back. Warm and breezy. Definitely felt like summer! (6.0 miles)

Wednesday morning the wind was whipping and rain was pouring down, so I opted for a zero day, instead heading out early on Thursday morning for a road run across the Androscoggin into Brunswick and back. Overcast and muggy. (7.0 miles)

Friday morning, after dropping Sam at school and doing a few errands, I headed over to Wolfe's Neck for a run. Gorgeous morning with a nice breeze and blue skies. Parked at the bridge and ran up the road to loop around on the trails in the park and then out onto some of the farm trails. Legs felt a bit heavy so it was just a mellow meander, but a great day for it. Cows, 40 ladyslippers, osprey on its nest in the park, ocean views, one flicker, one cute fawn running right at me on the back farm trail, and fields full of buttercups, daisies, clover and with swallows and bluebirds flitting overhead. (10.0 miles)

In the afternoon, Mom, Dad, Sam and I headed downtown for the Art Walk in Brunswick. Anne had set up a table there, selling her jewelry and other crafty items, and we had fun walking around enjoying the nice weather and seeing all the interesting art on display. I think a lot of other people had the same idea, as wow, it was busy! Then headed home to celebrate Mom's birthday with yummy indian food take-out and crazy cake! πŸ’–πŸ°πŸŽ‰Happy birthday, Mom! We love you!

Saturday, I headed out around 8:00 am for a run into the Cathance. Lots of bugs, including the emergence of the deer flies, many spider webs and very watery eyes and runny nose from all the pine pollen, but beautiful greenery and the river is flowing nicely after all the rain we've had. Bullfrogs were croaking loudly in the Heath and vernal pool. (7.0 miles)

Sam joined her friend Lauren and family for an overnight trip down to their condo in OOB - what a lucky girl! - so Ryan and I had the rest of the weekend to ourselves. After lunch, we went out for a short walk around the school block, because it was just too nice out not to, and yes, I do not like to sit still, πŸ˜†especially knowing we'd be sitting in a movie theatre for 2 1/2 hours a bit later! (1.7 miles walked)

Then it was off to the movies to see the Top Gun sequel. It was amazingly ridiculous, and just what you'd want a Top Gun sequel to be. And they must have had a lot of fun filming it. It really was a lot of fun. By the time we got out of the movie it was close to 6:00, so we headed to Moderation for a drink and to pick up a pizza from Otto's to eat outside at one of Moderation's nice garden booths. It was the perfect evening for it!

Meanwhile, Sam was wandering around the shops at OOB with Lauren and going on rides in the Palace Playland. Looks like we all had a fun afternoon!

This morning, I headed out around 7:45 am for my long run. Another beautiful morning! Not many interesting flora or fauna sightings today, but the air was filled with the wonderfully sweet summer smells of hay scented ferns, honeysuckle, remaining lilac and blackberry brambles. Ran roads to and between the short stretch of trail in the woods behind Mom and Dad's place and the other short stretch of trail along the Androscoggin below Elm Street before heading up into the Highlands to run on the trail there. Then it was back on roads out to the trails off Homeplace and onto the Gone Fishing trail system. I knew I'd come up short in miles if I headed right back home from there, so I looped onto the Foreside field trails and the powerlines and then took the back road into Highland Green. Skirted along the Heath and then finished up with roads to the house. Very sweaty and covered with bugs, and was trailed by deer flies for the latter part of the run as it got warmer out. Wore my new Nathan VaporAiress pack, which is very comfy. Even was smart enough to fill a softflask with Summit Tea and between that and the bladder, managed to not run out of water. Felt decent, although probably took too many stops and too many road miles, but still happy with the mileage. First 50 mile week this year! (20.2 miles)

Came home and enjoyed a piece of leftover birthday cake alongside my protein drink. Yum! #recoverydoneright πŸ°πŸ˜‹

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Fun Week

Always lovely to start the week with a holiday day. Enjoyed a relaxing morning before finally going out around 8:30 for my run. Headed out into the Cathance for a nice mellow lollygag. Bright, beautiful and warm morning, with a nice breeze. Felt like summer out there, with the early spring wildflowers having passed, replaced by the blooms on the blackberry brambles and green everywhere. The ospreys were calling overhead as I ran up Mt. A and the bullfrogs were croaking in the vernal pool, plus four deer and one turtle seen. Ran on a few of the old trails that are quickly returning to nature. Legs felt decent, if a bit slow, and wore the new Brooks Cascadia 16, which also felt pretty good and were comfortable, if perhaps a bit clunky. (7.0 miles)

Then after lunch, it was off to the Commons with my parents for our annual Memorial Day weekend ladyslipper walk! Warm and a bit buggy in the woods but we were rewarded with 625 ladyslippers counted, including 5 white ones this year. Always fun to wander slowly through the woods, enjoying  these beauties and such a fun tradition😍 Also seen, several painted trillium, and a lot of indian cucumber, starflower, false lily of the valley and bunchberry in bloom as well. (2.35 miles walked)


Tuesday, I took Sam to swim and got in a walk around town. Beautiful evening to be out. (1.9 miles walked)

Wednesday morning, I did a bit of work early and then headed out for a run at 9:00 after dropping Sam at school for Wednesday late start. Beautiful morning with one ladyslipper, one garter snake and milkweed coming up. (7.0 miles)

Irene and Dana came up on Thursday afternoon to join us for Sam's spring chorus concert and to stay for the weekend. The kids did a great job!

On Friday, I dropped Sam at school, did a few errands and then headed to the field house for a run out into the Commons. Damp and spitting rain. Legs were a bit leaden and overall, feeling a bit tired, so just had a mellow meander, taking a few of the side trails and finding a new connection between two of them. 304 ladyslippers counted! (8.0 miles)

We had hoped for a nicer day so that Ryan and Dana could play golf, but the weather did not cooperate, so instead we went out to lunch at Wild Oats and otherwise, had a quiet day. Then Irene and Dana took Sam to swim practice while Ryan got in his run and then we got dinner ready for their return, including some yummy asparagus, carrots and blueberry pie that I had picked up at the farmer's market in the morning. Sam and I were tired out, so we went to bed early!

Saturday, Mom and Dad had gotten us all tickets for the Botanical Gardens at 11:00, so I headed out around 7:00 to get in a few miles before we had to get ready and hit the road. 100% humidity but no rain and cool out. Ran the powerlines plus a bit of the Gone Fishing trail system. Blueberries are beginning to form! Plus sheep laurel and swamp iris in bloom, two deer seen, and several towhees calling. (8.1 miles)

Then it was up to the Gardens! Cool and slightly overcast, but actually really quite pleasant out. As always, it is a joy to explore this beautiful piece of property, and at this time of year, it is especially wonderful.! πŸ’—πŸŒΈ 

We did a big loop, enjoying the cultivated gardens at the start before stopping to eat our packed lunches at the tables set up around what was the original visitor's center, and then wandering down to the less manicured trails in the woods along the Back River before climbing up to the Rhodendron Garden and then back to the car. Of course, we stopped to visit all the trolls and to make many, many pictures! It was a really nice afternoon for a family meander through the gardens and woods of Boothbay. It was nice to have everyone with us and get Irene and Dana up there to check it out. (2.7 miles walked)

Of course, we stopped for ice cream at Fielder's Choice on the way home πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹and then went on eat thai for dinner, but what would be a vacation or visit with family without a lot of eating!?! πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š 

Woke up to a beautiful morning on Sunday and headed out a little before 7:00 to start my long run. I will admit that I was feeling a bit low energy and my allergies were rearing their head, so I did not quite get in the mileage I had intended, but did get in a nice, just slightly shorter, long run. Ran the cart paths and down to the river before heading out on the powerlines. The cala lilies were blooming in the Heath, along the powerlines the blackberry brambles were filling the air with a lovely sweet scent and the sky was blue above. (15.0 miles)

Got back just before Irene and Dana headed out. It was a fun visit!

And not to be outdone by the wild risi, the siberian iris are quite abundant this year and looking truly lovely out front! 😍

And out back, the columbine plant is blooming up a storm!

Wrapped up the month on Tuesday with a few fairly solid weeks and a good start to the building phase of training.

May wrap-up:
192.2 miles run
27.87 miles walked
4 full zero days

853.9 miles run
119.77 miles walked
9.3 miles xc skied
21 full zero days

Although, Gigi and Ronnie think this is really how we all should spend our days, training plans and races be damned 😹😹