Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Fun

I met up with Emily this morning for a run. It was so nice to catch up with her and have company for my long run! Yay for running with friends 💗

We met up over at Wolfe's Neck, as I wanted to run a lap of the Farm to Farm course, since I'm doing the 50k there next month in prep for JFK. There was a low lying fog sitting atop the fields as I drove over. Gorgeous!

We ran up the dirt road and looped around on the park trails, stopping down at the beach across from osprey island to take in the view. Glorious.

And not looking too bad out along the road either!

Back on the road, we looped around through the campground and then back to the cars via the new farm trails. It was a nice change of pace from what I knew would be mostly pavement for the next 15 miles! We stopped to refill our packs and then took off for the rest of the run. We were only 8+ miles in and I was already soaked. It was a beautiful morning but very muggy!

In a car, it seems as if the road to and from Crystal Spring Farm to Wolfe's Neck and vice versa is flat, but it is totally not true on foot ;)  And all that pavement. Ooff! My feet were feeling it by the time we got to Crystal Spring, and we still had to get back. HA! We ran the short loop on the trails, which was a nice break, and then headed back towards Freeport. I was most definitely feeling it in the last miles, and I am so glad I had Emily with me, or I know I would have slowed or walked or both ;) It took a fair amount of effort and focus, but I managed to at least keep the pace slightly below 9:00 pace for the final 6 road miles, and thankfully Emily was cool with going my pace!!

Glad to have gotten this run done and so fun to have Emily running with me! (24.0 miles)

After chatting a bit at the car and then getting changed out of my soaked running clothes, I headed into Brunswick to get a sandwich, hit the farmer's market, got birdseed and cat food, picked up new books at the library and got the grocery/household shopping done at Target and Hannaford before finally heading home. But not before stopping for an ice cream en route! 😋🍨


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